Beautiful Thailand

Pictures from my several trips to Thailand last year.
This was challenging attempting to choose what pictures to consist of from my thousands of photos because the limitation on Youtube is 10 minuets, this video clip is just under 10 minuets.
This is not my songs and if anybody understands the name of the Thai artists please inform me so I could add their names to this video.

16 thoughts on “Beautiful Thailand

  1. Khawp khun Khrap khun Amy3770. Khrap, Thailand has beauty everywhere, not
    just the country but also the people. Thanks for leaving a comment. Take
    care… Baz

  2. ขอบคุณมากที่โหลดคลิปดี ๆ มาให้ดู Thank so much , so nice video for Thailand

  3. I KNOW you have a VERY beautiful coiuntry with very sweet and beautiful
    people. Your smiles are a beacon to the world. I “heart” Thailand!!

  4. Great done mate! I can seethat you loves Thailand, mabye you want to join
    my group inside Facebook. The group is for people who loves
    Thailand…..the group name is Muang Thai Everybody is more then welcome to
    join! Take care/Jens Sjöberg

  5. I am in Indonesia. I Want Comment : Thailand and Indonesia is Not Far. I
    Want All Thailand People’s (Men, Women, Boys, Girls, Kids and Childrens) In
    All Over The World Come To Indonesia (My Country). Greetings From Indonesia
    ! Thank You. haris.

  6. The song is name “ploy mea” (push your hand) by DA Endorphine and “Ngao”
    (Lonely) by Gear Night

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