Homes for sale from $49,000 in Chiang Mai, Thailand

This is a trial home, however it can be yours!

Buying an off-plan home is an excellent opportunity. It takes about 6 months to develop a modern-day style house like this.

Brand New as well as for absolutely remarkable costs! Homes are integrate in a gorgeous location with club & swimmingpool

in the task.

Tropical Paradise is inexpensive for every person! For more details:

Thailand Home Overview consultants believe that locating your dream home is an essential obligation. Our advisors likewise believe that great information is needed as well as must be supplied in a goal, professional fashion, unprejudiced by any type of individual inspiration or potential benefit of gain.

Thailand Residence Guide provides high quality homes for budget friendly rates. We can help you with all the issues interested in home purchasing; locating the ideal property and land, authorizing agreements, acquiring lawful guidance, property administration services, interior decoration, finding a school as well as any essential info to making your life simpler and comfy.

The info concerning land ownership restrictions for immigrants in Thailand could be confusing and can make residence purchasing look made complex. The fact actually is, that there are several well checked ways for an immigrant to protect the investment. With our expertise of the city and also Thai laws, we can offer you with info and also guidance to making a wise investment.

To find out more about effective living, please call Thailand House Guide!

8 thoughts on “Homes for sale from $49,000 in Chiang Mai, Thailand

  1. cheap for us but normal in Thailand, there cost of living is much lower
    than ours so its a really great bargain for any one here in the states who
    wants to buy a house in Thailand.

  2. @bigtim50 – Makes sense to me. As long as you are playing the passport/visa
    game, you should be ready to be able to bail if need be.

  3. You cannot own this house, though it will not stop them selling it to you,
    they offer you Thai proxys as signatories. You will own the house contents
    – you can build extensions put in a swimming pool if you wish. The fact is
    you cannot and under no circumstances own the land the house is on. They
    say lease long term – this contract is easily annulled in a Thai court –
    even more so when they see you are a foreigner.

  4. zDoNuTz – yes you can own as long as you obtain a Thai ID card, you will
    need to be registered here at the local Umpurs office, or what ever
    province you buy in. Both My children were born in the UK to a Thai mother
    and have dual nationality and own there own houses here as well as the
    land. However am I correct in the belief Singaporeans are not allowed dual
    citizenship or you must give on up – do as a friend of mine did – do not
    say anything. You technically have the rights to buy.

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